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Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet. Plus, it has a large number of benefits for clothing - which is reflected in our logo!


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Past, Present, and Future


One day in Edmonton, Canada, I set out on a quest to find natural, unique, affordable, high-quality and, wherever possible, organic clothing and accessories for my own children.  With experience in the healthcare industry, we understood the benefits of natural and organic clothing and accessories, and I made it a personal mission to help educate and to provide such products to like-minded mothers who appreciate the benefits of materials free of harmful carcinogens and additives often found in children’s clothing and accessories. 

Ethically sourced from the Global Village


We search the world for the best suppliers who can provide the right products of the best materials to meet our high ecological and quality requirements, both in the final product and production processes.  We have found suppliers from as far as Peru and Morocco through China and India to Europe and the Middle East who are able to meet these exacting ecological and quality standards.  By dealing directly with producers, we are able to provide fair compensation for the product's creators, while offering outstanding value to our clients.  The results are limited production runs of custom-designed products made seasonally available to a growing client base - to you.

We re-invest in our Communities


We are also deeply involved in our community and believe strongly in investing in our community's future: we have committed to donating 10% of our net annual profits (in kind) to local, national and international children's charities.  By striving to provide eco-friendly, ethically-sourced and (wherever possible) organic products for our children while offering outstanding value to our clients, we are getting the best of all worlds.

I am reminded of a saying, "We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our Children".  Both the Earth and our Children deserve the best we can offer!

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Our best seller!

Our classic best-selling combo!  A custom blend of 70% super-absorbent viscose from organic bamboo and 30% cotton materials, this set includes a white hooded bath-towel and a reversible washing mitt, and makes a luxurious gift for any new mom’s precious little one: it even comes in a custom gift box.



Made from Oeko-Tex Certified Bamboo

Soft and comfortable against sensitive skin, our hooded bath towel keeps your baby warm while the super-absorbent bamboo material helps wick away excess moisture.  Our naturally hypoallergenic blend is made from carefully selected materials chosen for their softness, comfort, absorbency and thermal-regulating properties.  This product gets softer with washing and is suitable for babies up to 23 lbs.  Embroidered near the baby’s feet is a baby duck, everyone’s favourite bath companion!



The Next Generation of Wash Cloth

Put an end to searching for the soap at the bottom of the tub or fighting with a wash cloth: hold your baby securely to prevent injury as you both enjoy this safety baby wash mitt.  Our cleverly-designed wash mitt includes a soft waffle material for general body washing.  Flip the mitt inside out and experience our luxurious ultra-soft material for an extra-soft experience for extra sensitive washing.  Make bath time with your baby fun, easy and secure!  When you’re done, simply hang from the convenient drying loop.



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